Cemu - Wii U emulator
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Cemu - Wii U emulator

Build Process Discord Matrix Server

This is the code repository of Cemu, a Wii U emulator that is able to run most Wii U games and homebrew in a playable state. It's written in C/C++ and is being actively developed with new features and fixes.

Cemu is currently only available for 64-bit Windows, Linux & macOS devices.

Other relevant repositories:


You can download the latest Cemu releases for Windows, Linux and Mac from the GitHub Releases. For Linux you can also find Cemu on flathub.

On Windows Cemu is currently only available in a portable format so no installation is required besides extracting it in a safe place.

The native macOS build is currently purely experimental and should not be considered stable or ready for issue-free gameplay. There are also known issues with degraded performance due to the use of MoltenVK and Rosetta for ARM Macs. We appreciate your patience while we improve Cemu for macOS.

Pre-2.0 releases can be found on Cemu's changelog page.

Build Instructions

To compile Cemu yourself on Windows, Linux or macOS, view BUILD.md.


Issues with the emulator should be filed using GitHub Issues.
The old bug tracker can be found at bugs.cemu.info and still contains relevant issues and feature suggestions.


Pull requests are very welcome. For easier coordination you can visit the developer discussion channel on Discord or alternatively the Matrix Server. Before submitting a pull request, please read and follow our code style guidelines listed in CODING_STYLE.md.

If coding isn't your thing, testing games and making detailed bug reports or updating the (usually outdated) compatibility wiki is also appreciated!

Questions about Cemu's software architecture can also be answered on Discord (or through the Matrix bridge).


Cemu is licensed under Mozilla Public License 2.0. Exempt from this are all files in the dependencies directory for which the licenses of the original code apply as well as some individual files in the src folder, as specified in those file headers respectively.