UDP DOS tool in go. I am not the original developer of this, but it's really simple to do anyways
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This Is A UDP DoS Method Which Sends A Hex String.

Use without compile

Requires golang installed
go run udphex.go HOST PORT

Compile :)

Also requires golang installed, but you can use it in multiple machines without install golang in every machine
go build
Then search for the udphex binary file

Use the compiled file

./udphex HOST PORT
Example: ./udphex 666

How to change the hex message (recommended) if you want a custom message

Why should you change the hex value?
The program sends this message (in this fork the message is replaced by "abc") via UDP.
You need modify the source code, the udphex.go file. Go to line 18 and you will see something like this (in this fork)


\x61\x73\x64 equals to "abc"
So if we want it to say "cba" we have to change it for \x63\x62\x61
And now if you want a custom message you need a text to hex convertor, also you can use HxD
Write what do you want and convert it to hex, in the gif i get 64 69 73 63 6F 72 64 2E 67 67 2F 61 61 61 as output
So you need to delete the spaces and put \x every 2 numbers/letters and you should get something like this \x64\x69\x73\x63\x6F\x72\x64\x2E\x67\x67\x2F\x61\x61\x61
Then copy that here and compile it or watever you want lol.

Stop Attack


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