Framework and javascript free privacy respecting meta search engine
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LibreY is a fork of LibreX, a framework-less and javascript-free privacy respecting meta search engine, made by hnhx. LibreY changed some features like automatic redirection. The original code is written by hnhx and contributors


You can find a list of instances on any LibreY instance by accessing /instances.php.
Alternatively look at instances.json where the list is generated from.

While the official instances may be more updated and have better uptime, please consider using another person's instances as these are heavily overloaded.
Support the community. ❤️

Instance list on @codedipper's instance:

@Ahwxorg's instances:

@davidovski's instance:

About LibreY

LibreY gives you text results from DuckDuckGo or Google, images from Qwant, and torrents from i.e. Ahmia and popular torrent sites without spying on you.
LibreY doesn't save any type of data about the user, there are no logs (except NGINX logs if the host sets them).

LibreY compared to other metasearch engines

Name Works without JS Privacy frontend redirect Torrent results API No 3rd party libs used
SearXNG Not user friendly Only host can set it
Whoogle Only host can set it