Keygen Music Opensource Radio Repository
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Keygen Music Opensource Radio Repository

This repository contains tracks that plays online on my stream:

Second stream (which is in active testing):

  • Note: also sometimes I test under

Large post with the idea behind this project is available here:


About this repo

It currently contains two things:

  • file, which allows you to build a list of tracks in various formats,
  • tracker music itself that's used in the radio stream,
  • in the future, if requested by someone, I might add scenes and profile settings from my OBS.

As the music is right in the repo, and it's 5k+ tracks, the size of the repo is about 300~400 mb.

Keygen Music Opensource Radio specifications

As it's opensource, I am sharing my example set up that is used live on the stream right now:

  • Manjaro 19 (as host OS)
  • OpenBroadcastStudio (OBS) 25.0.4 (streaming software)
  • ProjectM (animation)
  • OpenMPT (CLI tracker music player)
  • Dlive (streaming decentralized platform)
  • Cheap Chinese action camera for webcam stream background: Dazzne P2 (Aliexpress 10 $)
  • Old 5-or-so-years HP elitebook laptop for streaming (Finn 20 $)

I am not using JACK(d) and real-time kernel here because I am lazy.

Tracks / music source and credits

The actual radio track files are gathered from MEGAPack collection. Whole collection lasts about 180+ hours of music contain currently 5300+ tracks. This stands for medium length of ~2 minutes per track, as this collection was intended to be used inside of the keygens for computer software. And, remember, most of these tracks are created the way they actually can loop forever even if they are just few minutes length. Whole collection is about 331 mb in size which stands for medium of 60 kb size per track.

Format list statistics from the collection


Note: this collection includes around 80 tracks (out of ~5300) that are actually not trackers - these files are in OGG, WAV and MP3 formats accordingly. Reasons for this, is that not 100% of the times keygen music can be found in the source formats (that's the case for less then 2% of the collection). I didn't removed these tracks as they are still in same genre even not being as small as real XM, MOD, S3M files. Most rare source files in the collection (<10 tracks) are in d00, NSF, MO3, BP, FC13, SPC, HSC, and MTM formats.

Tracks Archive size Length, hours Length, minutes Formats
~5300 331 MB ~180 hrs 10,800 min 26 delivery formats