Uguu is a simple lightweight temporary file host with support for drop, paste, click and API uploading.
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Quality Gate Status License: GPL v3 Documentation Status

What is Uguu?

Uguu is a simple lightweight temporary file hosting and sharing platform, but can also be used as a permanent file host.


  • One click uploading, no registration required.
  • A minimal, modern web interface.
  • Drag & Drop & Paste supported.
  • Upload API with multiple response choices:
    • JSON
    • HTML
    • Text
    • CSV
  • Supports ShareX and other screenshot tools.
  • File extension & MIME black/whitelisting.
  • Upload rate limiting.
  • File (hash) blacklisting.
  • Run bare or as a container.


See the real world site at


Tested and working with Nginx + PHP-8.1 + SQLite/MySQL.

Node is used to compile Uguu, after that it runs on PHP.


Installation and configuration can be found at Uguu Documentation.

If you need a admin panel check out Moe Panel.

Getting help

Hit me up at @nekunekus or email me at


We'd really like if you can take some time to make sure your coding style is consistent with the project. Uguu follows PHP PSR-12 and Airbnb JavaScript (ES5) (airbnb/legacy) coding style guides. We use ESLint and PHPCS tools to enforce these standards.

You can also help by sending us feature requests or writing documentation and tests.

Upcoming Features

  • PostgreSQL Support
  • S3 Bucket Support
  • Azure File Storage Support
  • Temporal/RR Support


Uguu is based on Pomf which was written by Emma Lejack & Go Johansson (nekunekus) and with help from the open source community.


Uguu is free software, and is released under the terms of the GPL-3.0 license. See LICENSE.