API Endpoints of Battlebit servers
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Battlebit API Endpoints

Some time ago i found the API URL when decompiling the game, but it was only accesible via the game, so that indicates that the game uses some specific headers like User-Agent or shit like that/

So, i dumped the game memory of Battlebit using GDB and a script, giving me almost 3GB of information about the game, so i found the Endpoints and some Headers of the Battlebit API that is used to fetch the servers and other information.


All requests are POST and HTTP/1.1

URL: api.battlebit.cloud


  • Host: api.battlebit.cloud
  • User-Agent: b32bf642b285cauf0663688e7078f892dc2d0843 (This is the user agent used in every request to the Battlebit API

Mandatory headers that are on every request


  • /Servers/GetServerList
  • /Player/GetStats
  • /Tokens/GetToken
    • Exclusive Headers: Connection: keep-alive
  • /Matchmaking/DemandGameServer

Curl example:

curl -X POST https://api.battlebit.cloud/Servers/GetToken -H "User-Agent: b32bf642b285ca1f0663688e7078f892dc2d0843" -H "Host: api.battlebit.cloud" --http1.1

If you don't get any response it's because the server is down or something like that