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You can find my server configs in this repo, they are split in different branches.
- [🇨🇱 VPS Branch](https://git.zzls.xyz/Fijxu/etc-configs/src/branch/vpscl)
- [🇨🇱 Oracle VPS Branch](https://git.zzls.xyz/Fijxu/etc-configs/src/branch/oracle)
- [🇺🇸 VPS Branch](https://git.zzls.xyz/Fijxu/etc-configs/src/branch/vpsus)
- [🏡 Selfhost Branch](https://git.zzls.xyz/Fijxu/etc-configs/src/branch/selfhost) (**Now with a new server**)
- ~~[🇨🇱 VPS Branch](https://git.zzls.xyz/Fijxu/etc-configs/src/branch/vpscl)~~ (**No longer used, replaced with Oracle**)
#### Suggestions or Issues?
If you got any suggestions to the nginx configs or something that is not to your liking within the privacy-focused services I provide; Open an issue or a pull request in any config. You can either create an account with your real E-mail or with a throw away one (But probably you will be considered as a bad actor for me if you don't provide any real identity like GitHub, GitLab, Codeberg or anything like that, so make sure to link any of those).