[DEAD] Listing of Booyah.live API, their use and response example
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I am no longer interested in the booyah platform so I will not do anything with this repo lol


Important Note

Booyah now uses another way to load the page through webpack, which makes it very difficult or almost impossible to extract the page and document the api as of today and in the future.

What I mean by this is that now all the files and the way the page loads is totally different than before, everything is in a file called "esabhayoob.js" and the main and runtime files and everything is totally obfuscated and "uglyfied" with no ability to read it.


If you want to see the archives of the site before this change, here is the folder where I have some archived versions of the different Booyah domains.

https://files.zzls.xyz/booyah-files/ (The password of some files is 1337)

Booyah.live Docs

Unofficial usermade documentation of the v3 API of the streaming platform called booyah

Since booyah does not provide documentation to its API, I writing this documentation to make the development of bots (or something else) easier for everyone.

I am not a booyah employee and I am not affiliated with them either. I am just a normal user

This work is in progress, I will update it when I have time available. The booyah api is too extensive to finish it in a few days.

Any useful contribution to the documentation is appreciated :)

What does it mean when an entry says Private and Public in the docs?

Means whether an API is accessible to everyone (Public) or only to your own user (Private).

↓ Docs ↓

Get users information

Users API (File listing and URLs complete, Docs incomplete)

Get channels information

Channels API (Incomplete)

Get chatrooms information

Chatrooms API (Incomplete)

Get games information

Games API (Incomplete)